Invite Others to Join a Video Meeting on Mobile

octobre 30, 2021
Article: 068303

This article discusses the steps on how to invite others to join a Rainbow Office video meeting on your mobile.

The Rainbow Office app mobile makes it easier to invite people to join your instant meeting. When you start a meeting, apart from inviting your company and personal contacts, you have the option to invite people by phone, via the Rainbow Office app, email, or other apps.

To start an instant meeting in the Rainbow Office app mobile, tap Video in the bottom menu bar, then tap Start at the top left.


Inviting others to join an instant meeting

1. Tap Video at the bottom menu bar

2. Tap Start at the top left

3. Select how to join the audio

4. You can either invite contacts via a video call or by sharing a link to other apps. Tap your selection.


Now that we’ve reviewed the steps for inviting others to join an instant meeting, let’s review what you can do with each of the invitation options.

Invite contacts via video call: Enter the names, then tap Next to send the meeting link as a message in the Rainbow Office app mobile

Share link via other apps: Users can share the meeting link to other people via other modes of messaging

Invite via email: Users can send an invite to other people by sending an email.

Invite via phone call: Invite other users via phone call.


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