Rainbow Office Archiver Overview

juillet 31, 2021
Article: 068309

This article discusses the Archiver feature which allows backing up of extension data to cloud storage services in Rainbow Office.

The Rainbow Office Archiver allows you to backup Rainbow Office data via Dropbox, SFTP, Google Drive, and Box integration. This provides an automatic backup solution, as well as a convenient way of storing and retrieving phone data.

NOTE: Rainbow Office Archiver is available to Rainbow Office Premium and Ultimate customers.



The Rainbow Office Archiver is a browser-based application that supports the following browsers:

Firefox 46+ (Windows, Mac)

Chrome 50 + (Windows, Mac)

Safari 9.1+ (Mac)

Microsoft Edge


How to access the Rainbow Office Archiver via the online account

Log in to your Rainbow Office online account, then go to More > Apps and Resources > Archiver.

Connect Rainbow Office Archiver to Dropbox, Box, SFTP, and Google Drive

NOTE: You can only connect to one storage per instance. For example, one cannot use Dropbox and Google Drive at the same time. Refer to Changing the 3rd Party Storage Provider section below to learn how you can switch from one service to another.


Changing the 3rd Party Storage Provider

Data backup is immediately discontinued if you prefer to change your current storage to another one. However, the Rainbow Office folders created, and the data backed up will be retained after the disconnection.

To change from one storage to another:

1. Under the Accounts tab, click Connect opposite the storage name. Alternatively, click Disconnect opposite your current storage provider, then click Connect opposite your preferred storage provider.

2. A pop-up will appear, sign in using your account credentials.


Viewing Backup Logs

Archiver task runs every 2 hours to retrieve records created 2.5 - 4.5 hours prior. Each task is logged and both administrators and users can view this log by going to the Archive Logs tab.

1. Click Archive Logs.

2. Choose a search criterion, then click Go.

3. A historical view of all backups done based on the selected search criterion appears.


Duration of saving the data logs to the cloud storage services is impacted by several factors such as the count and size of the data, upload rate of the cloud storage service, and the upload bandwidth of the user's internet connection, among others

Archiver data retention policy is followed. Users can trace back archiver log data from the last 6 months. Users can search archive logs for a period of a max of 30 days.


Rainbow Office Cloud data retention policy

 Duration  Count / Size
 Automatic Call Recordings  90 days  100k recordings / account
 On-Demand Call Recordings  90 days  200 recordings / mailbox / user
 Fax / Voicemail  30 days  200 messages / folder
 Text Messages  No limit  5k messages / folder




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