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septembre 10, 2021
Article: 068842

This article provides instructions for administrators on how to submit a number transfer request for your international number.

You can submit a number transfer request to port your number from your previous provider to Rainbow Office. Submitting a number transfer request is done through the online account. Before proceeding, take note of the requirements for number porting.

1. Log in to the Rainbow Office online account as administrator

2. From the Quick Access homepage, look for the Phone Numbers category and click the Transfer Numbers link

3. The Transfer Numbers: Select Number Type dialog box appears, select International Number

4. Select the Country and Number Type, then click Next. Depending on the country, you have the option to transfer geographic, non-geographic, or a toll-free number

5. Enter your current service provider and their address (optional), then click Next

6. Answer the Pre-Check questions accordingly, then click Next

7. If you are transferring a geographic number, enter your Billing Telephone Number (BTN). This is the main number of the account with your current provider. If you want to transfer this number, tick the I want to transfer my Billing Telephone Number checkbox

8. If you have additional numbers under your BTN which you want to transfer, choose how you want to enter them from the available options. If you opt to enter the phone numbers manually, separate them using commas or semicolons. Click Next

IMPORTANT: When porting multiple geographical numbers, ensure that the numbers are in the location, and are with the same service provider.

9. A confirmation window will be displayed if the number is deemed portable. Click Next

10. Take note of the details involving the duration of the number transfer process, then click Next

11. If you have an acting temporary number in the Rainbow Office account meant to be replaced by the number you are transferring, click Select and choose the temporary number from the list. If you want to add the transferred number as an additional number to your account (fee details will be shown on the next screen), click Next

12. Enter all information exactly as your current service provider has on file. If needed, contact your current provider to ensure that information is accurate. For corrections, click the Back button. Otherwise, click Next

o Type of Account - State if Business or Residential

o Name on Account - Enter the name of the person authorized to make changes to the account.

o Company Name - Only include if on the bill copy. Enter the company name exactly as it appears on your phone bill from the other provider.

o Service Address - Provide the physical service address of the phone number. Do not enter billing addresses or P.O. boxes.

o Your Contact Phone Number - Enter a number where we can call you if there is a problem with the port request.

o Account Number / Business Registration Unit - Enter the Account Number where the number you are transferring is associated with. Tick the box next to it if the number you are requesting to transfer is a mobile number. 

o VAT/CIF/Siret/Rio Number - Different countries might have different tax types and number formats. For example, in Spain, Portugal please provide CIF (Certificado de Identificación Fiscal) or NIF (Número de Identificación Fiscal); VAT number in Netherlands and Belgium; Siret or Rio number in France.

o Migration Code - In some countries, you need to obtain a migration code from your current supplier before requesting a porting number. If you don't know if it's required or not, you can leave it empty.

13. IMPORTANT: Please check the information you provided. It must match the information on the latest bill from the phone company from which you are transferring your toll-free number. Incorrect information will result in a drastic delay and/or rejection of your number port.

14. In the Additional Comments section, enter additional details on the space provided such as your preferred specific port date (no guarantee). If you are not transferring all of your phone numbers in the same Billing Account Number, list the remaining phone numbers and the action to be taken for each phone number (remain, disconnect, etc.). In the Send Emails to section, enter the email address where you want all number porting notification emails to be sent (optional). If it is left blank, all notification emails will be sent to the system admin user. Click Next

15. Click Complete

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