Enable Emergency Response Locations on Rainbow Office

septembre 10, 2021
Article: 068878

This article provides information on setting up an Emergency Response Location in Rainbow Office.

Administrators define Emergency Response Locations (ERL) for their organization.

ERL allows end-users with multiple telephony enabled endpoints (hard phones/desktop apps) to use them independently at different physical locations while maintaining accurate location information for each, so that emergency calls are correctly routed, and responders are dispatched as needed.

Below are the steps for enabling ERL:

1. Log in to the Rainbow Office online account as an administrator

2. Navigate to Emergency Response Location from the left pane

3. Click the Add Emergency Response Location link

4. Provide a name on the textbox provided and add an address by clicking the Edit button

5. ERL is pre-registered with the ESP and hard phones are assigned to an ERL by selecting from a drop-down list. They no longer need a separate and unique registration if the phone is used in a defined business location. Set the address, other information required, and click the Done button


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