Keep your students and faculty safe, and their information secure.

Comprehensive campus security is complex, but it boils down to creating an IT safety net focused on two things:

  1. Cybersecurity to protect your campus infrastructure and information.
  2. Campus safety to ensure the well-being of your people and property. 

How can you create this safety net and maintain an open and collaborative learning environment?


Be Securitywise: IT's not scary

Cybersecurity Solutions for Education

Safeguard your information and infrastructure 

Keep pace with security threats and challenges with an easy-to-deploy and manage risk-based strategy.

  • Automatically enroll and manage users and devices 
  • Prevent malware from infecting your key IT infrastructure 
  • Enable MACSec encryption for datacenter communications

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Cybersecurity priorities

Simplify the complexity and risk of cybersecurity in your educational establishment by focusing on these priorities:

For insight into creating an effective emergency notification plan based on awareness, coordination & collaboration, and notification, please download the white paper.

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The Intelligent Campus podcast- Cybersecurity: What it means for K-12 and Universities

Cybersecurity Documents
Safe Campus solutions

Make every campus a safe campus

Secure your school through reliable, easy-to-use and cost-effective communications. 

  • Ensure immediate awareness and response 
  • Coordinate with first responders
  • Increase communication with swift community messaging
  • Deploy a reliable communications network
Safe Campus priorities

Protect your students, faculty and campus and improve response time by focusing on these priorities: 

Products for a Safe Campus

Five recommendations for a robust campus security strategy:

  1. Implement risk-based security policies
  2. Get IoT-ready
  3. Identify code vulnerabilities
  4. Set up strong network access controls
  5. Implement reliable, easy-to-use and cost-effective communications

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Technology can help build a safe school environment with IoT, sensors, connectivity.

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Pay attention to security, bandwidth and application visibility when rolling out a wireless network upgrade

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