Rainbow transforms your guest experience with a continuous, personal engagement. 

ALE mobile technology powers connection and convenience everywhere, for memorable stays.

Rainbow is ALE's Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) solution that's flexible, scalable and easy to use. 

Take control of your entire guest experience, at any point in their journey, with a continuous, highly personalized connection on your guests' own mobile devices.

Bring together your entire hotel community with one free application: staff, partners, suppliers. Help them connect and collaborate in real-time, on the move, from anywhere on the property.

What is CPaaS and what does it mean for hospitality?

Here's how end-to-end mobile and personalized guest engagement can support your loyalty programs:

  • Let your guests contact you directly at any point during their journey or stay 
  • Facilitate their research with bots/AI integration in your reservation centers
  • Automate booking confirmation, cancellation and last-minute deal notifications
  • Allow guests to rate their stay directly on your mobile app, instead of 3rd party websites
  • Empower your community to collaborate faster and on the move for an efficient service
  • Become a truly digital hotel with audio/video calls and screen sharing for staff
  • Keep your guest and business data secure and private

What does the future of guest experience look like?

Zero-phone guestrooms?

Rainbow video call hospitality interface   Rainbow hospitality guest interface   Rainbow Hospitality guest notification interface
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