EWE Group adopted cloud-based telephony to ease communications and make savings.

  • Paese: Germania
  • Settore: Settore energetico e servizi pubblici
  • Soluzione: Telefonia aziendale, Comunicazioni cloud, Unified Communication

EWE Group is a German energy, telecommunications, and information technology group.

"Il telefono virtualizzato offre, contemporaneamente, il massimo grado di flessibilità e il controllo completo dei costi".

Ludwig Kohnen, Amministratore Delegato, Gruppo EWE

Le Sfide

  • The EWE Group wanted a solution to the technical difficulties and phone outages caused by its aging and complex network infrastructure. It was also looking to generate important cost savings.
  • The 250 Private Branch Exchanges (PBX) in service, few of which were IP based, came from different vendors and presented interoperability problems. Finding staff with the know-how to manage the many systems had become expensive and difficult.
  • As an energy company, EWE needed to support its teams in remote locations. It was critical that the solution offers high availability, ensure business continuity, and connect to analog radio stations.

Prodotti & Soluzioni


  • Business DECT Handsets
  • Smart DeskPhones


  • Business Telephony
  • Cloud Communications
  • Mobility
  • Unified Communications and Collaboration 
  • EWE Group now leases its network services from EWE Tel and is no longer burdened by network management and maintenance
  • Phone outages are a thing of the past thanks to the redundant telecommunications network
  • The consumption based model means that EWE Group only pays for what it uses
  • Important savings have been achieved thanks to substantially lower operation, installation and maintenance costs
  • ROI will be achieved in under 4 years
  • Employees in remote regions are constantly connected to the network via their analog radios
  • The new infrastructure promotes mobility and enables users to connect with multiple mobile devices

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