PayTren can now connect its users more efficiently with Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow™ Communication Platform as a Service

  • Paese: Indonesia
  • Settore: Finanza e assicurazioni
  • Soluzione: Comunicazioni cloud, Rainbow

Business Partner: ACA Pacific

PayTren is a financial institution that provides payment gateway services and facilitates every day monetary transactions for its users. The company has an online license for online payments and e-money transactions. The peer-to-peer lending platform currently has over 2 million users.

Everything moves fast in this digital era, that's why PayTren needed a transformation. We needed something extraordinary, a cloud platform to connect with the communities that use our services. We wanted a solution that would support service delivery, not just an ordinary messaging platform.
Hari Prabowo, CEO, PayTren

PayTren can now connect its users more efficiently

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