New Wi-Fi 6 access points enable Service Defined Networking, Unified Service Management and extended IoT services for a next generation WLAN network with the best user experience.

ALE, operating under the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise brand, today unveiled new wireless solutions that exceed current connectivity capabilities and deliver a better user experience.

The new Alcatel-Lucent OmniAccess® Stellar AP 1300 series of access points deliver all the advantages of Wi-Fi 6 capabilities including greater efficiency, increased bandwidth of four-times per user, higher throughput of data, all while extending the battery life of IoT with target wake time. Stellar Wi-Fi 6 access points improve the user experience in dense environments. It does so by adapting and exceeding WLAN connectivity and performance challenges brought on by the IoT explosion, the need to support more apps, and securing growth of audio, video and data feeds.

The new Stellar Wi-Fi 6 APs create a more secure and faster mobile user experience, especially in high-density indoor and outdoor locations like stadiums or arena, metro stations, hospitals and large college campuses. The APs offer the following capabilities:

  • Tri radio feature on the new Stellar Indoor AP1320 and Outdoor AP1360 series provides dedicated scanning radio for 24/7 security and improved analytics further enhancing WLAN experience;
  • Outdoor Access Points are ruggedized and provide SFP connectivity to reach longer distances;
  • Downlink PoE port on outdoor AP enables power and connectivity for IoT devices like video surveillance cameras;
  • Ability to use a Service Defined Network to automate the provisioning of the network and IoT connections;
  • Unified Service Management with Alcatel-Lucent OmniVista® and OmniVista Cirrus network management systems for full network visibility that improves IT efficiency and business agility;
  • Leverage proactive analytics to simplify network operations and troubleshooting;
  • IoT Containment to secure and segment devices virtually.

“Today’s WLAN networks require greater performance to meet employees’ expectations for mobility and connectivity. The new Stellar AP1300 series with Wi-Fi 6 technology delivers faster speeds, more capacity, and improved efficiencies for bandwidth hungry and latency sensitive applications. The Stellar WLAN delivers the best experience of secure connectivity, mobility and performance. And enabled with Wi-Fi 6, our Stellar APs offer a dramatic step forward for an enterprise digital infrastructure,” said Stephan Robineau, ALE EVP Network Business Division.

* Il nome e il logo Alcatel-Lucent sono marchi commerciali di Nokia utilizzati da ALE sotto licenza.

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