Senior Manager Network Solution Architecture.

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Felipe Soriano has over 20 years of experience in the Network LAN Infrastructure and Telecommunications technology sector, managing technical teams of pre-sales network architects and product specialists.  He has extensive experience as a technical solution network architect as well as managing other solution architects in designing, building and supporting networking solutions for various enterprise industries. 

Felipe has directly contributed to building successful networking solutions for major universities, K-12, major healthcare providers, city governments and utilities.

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blog-pageheader-1200x299 Augmented intelligence & IoT fingerprinting optimize networks

Augmented intelligence and IoT fingerprinting provide the tools network administrators need to optimize bandwidth and make better decisions.

blog-pageheader-1200x299 Knock knock! Who's there? A DDoS attack!

If you're in IT, or you need to be concerned about protecting your company's ability to do business 24/7, you have got to pay attention to what happened on October 21 when a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack came knocking on Dyn's door (a domain name service provider).

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