Technical marketing writer and U.S. patent agent

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Vicki Vaughn has over 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry working in various marketing, PR, investor relations positions, and now supports patent efforts as a U.S. patent agent.

Currently in the Communications group of ALE, she is a technical marketing writer and editor of marketing and communications materials for use across various traditional and modern social media outlets. Plus, she supports ALE's US patent efforts.

Prior to telecom, she worked several years as a product manager for a software engineering company and prior to that as a CAD/CAM software programmer. Recently, she became a Registered Patent Agent with the USPTO. Prior to that accreditation, she earned a J.D. in Law from Abraham Lincoln University, an M.B.A. from the University of Southern California with an emphasis on brand marketing and a B.S.E. in Computer Engineering from the University of Michigan.

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blog-pageheader-1200x299 Secure cloud? It's not an oxymoron

I am afraid. Those three words sum up how I've felt about using the cloud for my personal and work related data.

blog-pageheader-1200x299 Ride a cloud, touch a star!

Cloud-based management for enterprise grade Wi-Fi - A match made in heaven!

blog-pageheader-1200x299 The survey also says...

In case you didn’t get enough data from the last blog on trends in networking or your curiosity is piqued, here is our next blog that reviews more survey data. 

blog-pageheader-1200x299 The survey says...

Security and manageability are biggest network infrastructure challenges identified in recent end-user survey.

blog-pageheader-1200x299 A Digital Transformation is in Your Future

Digital transformation through technology across industries is rapidly improving business activities, processes and capabilities benefiting everyone involved.

blog-pageheader-1200x299 Fore! Sometimes great ideas are easier to spot than errant golf balls

Have you ever bought something expensive thinking you were going to use it a lot, but ended up only using it occasionally?

blog-pageheader-1200x299 Be penny wise and never pound foolish again

Be penny wise and never pound foolish again!

blog-pageheader-1200x299 Are you being held hostage by your network?

If you answered "no," then maybe you haven't really thought about it.

blog-pageheader-1200x299 Who's eating Cisco's lunch? ALE is!

Today while listening to Jim Cramer talk about Cisco's results..

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