NTT ProCycling Team journey into Tour de France 2020

The cycling world is back on the road, with an exceptional Tour de France 2020, which brings a feeling of back to normal to all the excited cycling community worldwide.

NTT ProCycling Team is part of the adventure, starting on August 29th until September 20th. Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise is also part of the team by delivering technology support to bring out the best from the team and make sure they are all fully connected during the most exciting Tour of 2020!

Download the official Tour de France app (French) and follow NTT ProCycling to get the latest news about the team. The app is available for iOS and Android.

  • Click on the “équipes” menu and activate the star to receive specific notifications.


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The Team

NTT ProCycling team want to bring us closer than ever to the tour and shares the first impression of their team on attending this exceptional event in a blog on their newsletter.

The 2020 NTT ProCycling Tour de France team is made of:

  • Ryan Gibbons
  • Michael Gogl
  • Michael Valgren
  • Roman Kreuziger
  • Edvald Boasson Hagen
  • Max Walscheid
  • Giacomo Nizzolo
  • Domenico Pozzovivo


The first stages 

On Twitter, the team shares real-time interviews and actions of the Tour. 

Stage 2 was a very nice performance from the team with many times as head of the peloton and real motivation from Domenico Pozzovivo who was taken down by a spectator, making about 20 riders fall. 

Tour de France Stage 2 1 blog body image


Tour de France Stage 2 2 blog body image


Tour de France Stage 2 3 blog body image


On Stage 3, Giacomo Nizzolo takes 3rd of Stage 3 of Le Tour. Congratulations to him! 

Tour de France Stage 3 1 blog body image

Tour de France Stage 3 2 blog body image

See videos and insights of Tour de France experience from inside the team in the latest posts of the “Data sets and beating hearts” newsletter: Data Sets and Beating Hearts


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Global Head of Brand and Media in Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

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