Keep your mobile employees connected wherever they are on your premises. DECT handsets running on base stations positioned around your campus let workers make and receive calls anywhere. A range of advanced features such as alarms, location detection, ruggedization and ingress protection are available for different industries and requirements.

Punti di forza

  • Ensure your staff is reachable at all times
  • Meet legal requirements for staff protection in factory environments
  • Make communications safe for workers in hazardous conditions


  • Supported by OmniPCX Enterprise and OXO Connect / OmniPCX Office RCE communication servers
  • Compatible with TDM and IP-DECT infrastructures

I Benefici

Available Models

8212 Business DECT Handset: A compact entry level, price-positioned DECT phone offering hands-free usage, supported on all ALE DECT infrastructures.

8232 Business DECT Handset: Middle range, ideal for large campus configurations. Efficient voice communication with great voice quality.

8242 Business DECT Handset: Our most advanced handset: a large 2.4 inch display, notification and location discovery capabilities, one-button alarm function ideal for hospitality and healthcare. Bluetooth support.

8262 Industrial DECT Handset: Designed for demanding environments such as construction, manufacturing, healthcare, oil & gas. Ruggedized body, shock-proof screen that withstands 2-meter falls, IP65 ingress protection, lone worker protection.

8262Ex Industrial DECT Handset: Dedicated to hazardous environments with potential risks of explosion. ATEX for zone 1 and 2 for Gas, Dust and Mine hazardous environments.

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