Instead of talking about cutting costs, let’s talk about communicating better, smoother, smarter. Users want to connect; we make it easy.

Shifting market dynamics, emerging technologies and a tough global economy are radically altering the way you do business. That uncomfortable feeling you get when you think about raising a PO? That's the pinch of belts being tightened, budgets being stretched, and the challenge of having to achieve more with less.

Your users still need unparalleled connectivity to collaborate and build relationships with their colleagues, vendors, and customers. The latest applications can help. But as any beleaguered IT manager will tell you, the only tools that make a difference are the ones your employees understand, use and trust.

These tools make conversations better, richer and more productive than ever before.

We are mobile and we collaborate naturally, we don’t have to think whether we are in a mobility or collaboration situation. We want the appropriate communications services at the moment we need it.

Xavier Martin, VP, Corporate Marketing, ALE

  • Tools are available on any device, across any network – public or private
  • Increased employee efficiency
  • More effective remote workers
  • Better customer service, higher CSAT and a more consistent customer experience
  • Reduced CAPEX and OPEX
  • Improved corporate communication and culture

Collaborating is about more than just sharing your screen. Digital collaboration happens simultaneously and asynchronously over many channels— voice, instant messaging (IM), video and online — empowering participants to use the tools they need and want to use, anywhere at any time.

Making this collaboration successful means combining information and communication with contextual relevance. Intelligently threading a business perspective across interactions, devices, and networks to everyone who needs it – in real time and over time.

Take your office anywhere you go, work wherever you need and when you want. That guy next to you on the train home? He's wondering how you're sharing slide decks, setting appointments and running a call, while his colleagues are waiting till he's back in the office tomorrow.

The good news is you don't need to rip and replace - or make extensive additional investments. In fact, you can boost your existing collaborative capabilities with extra software, either on-premise or from the cloud.

Successful organizations are outperforming their competition by creating business-centered communities and workgroups through collaborative conversations. These conversations transcend time, media and channels to become the new paradigm of enterprise communication.

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