Meet your business requirements with specific development and integration solutions

Customization Services provide agile software development to address your specific needs by complementing the Enterprise Communications solutions and by bringing added value for Verticals markets. Our seasoned developers also focus on Customer projects for Cloud, such as the ones based on Rainbow capabilities by integrating the APIs in a CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service) mode.

Specific developments to meet your needs
From your business needs, we study and design the most suitable and efficient technical solution to optimize return on investment. Our team will develop, test, deploy and ensure the support and maintenance of this specific solution.

Coaching to assist you during your first development
We will work hand-in-hand with your developers to mitigate risks on your first in-house development. You benefit from a know-how transfer which will grow your solution performance while raising your team’s skills.

Punti di forza

  • Run your network or communications infrastructure 'hands free' - with zero IT headcount if desired
  • Get the latest technology upgrades as standard 


  • Get access to the Knowledge Hub: a personalized learning platform
  • Blended Learning solution: eBooks, virtual learning, forums, online materials and classroom learning
  • eBook offers multi-device, multi-OS learning material with second license free of charge
  • Embedded training videos

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