Optimizing the care pathway - we help you connect your patients, staff and healthcare ecosystem.

From knowledge sharing to messaging, healthcare collaboration and mobility solutions simplify day-to-day operations. And, because communication happens faster, medical professionals can spend more time with the people who matter – their patients.

La soluzione di Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise ci consente di offrire un'esperienza di assistenza sanitaria e di cura del paziente a 5 stelle. Facilitando l'accesso alle informazioni per medici e personale medico, supporta la produttività del personale e aiuta i nostri team a prendere le decisioni giuste ogni volta.

Naushad Mohammed, General Manager, IT, Medcare

ALE healthcare solutions:

  • Connect patients for a superior healing experience
  • Connect administrative and clinical staff to deliver timely, safe, efficient care
  • Connect facilities securely to ubiquitous, reliable information for an optimized care pathway

Optimizing the care pathway with real-time communications

Real-time communications are a vital component of how we make everything connect across healthcare facilities, optimizing the care pathway for patients and clinical staff. Here’s how they benefit patients and staff:

  • Higher patient satisfaction during calls, appointments and hospital stays for acute, chronic or long-term conditions
  • Improved patient safety with instant access to the best available resources, sending the right information to the right person at the right time
  • Better patient care thanks to knowledge sharing by extending multi-disciplinary clinician collaboration as well as patient interaction, both beyond hospital borders
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Building a secure, robust, high-performing hospital network

The network is the foundation for delivering the data, applications and IoT connectivity that ultimately drive outstanding patient care and improve outcomes. Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise network solutions for healthcare offer excellent value with solid investment protection and seamless high-quality experiences.

They provide:

  • The right set of technologies (SPB and iFab) for your optimized LAN infrastructure including core, edge and data center
  • Unified Access for a pervasive WLAN with unified wired and wireless policies and user experience 
  • Simplified yet rich network management capabilities with a single management system and smart analytics with PALM, providing better network performance and maintenance visibility 
  • The ability to break free from capital funding with the consumption-based pricing of Network on Demand

Your network architecture becomes a reliable, secure, high-performing and resilient environment which allows care providers to deliver optimal care.

IoT containment for healthcare made easy

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