Empower your team to offer rapid, convenient guest services. ALE mobile technology powers real-time collaboration from anywhere for highly efficient operations.

Your employees and collaborators are the drivers of your guest experience. Hospitality technology can help them streamline operations and remove friction in guest services. Empower your entire hotel community - staff, partners, suppliers - with the right communications tools. Help them connect and collaborate in real-time, on the move, from anywhere on the property.

The improvement has been considerable especially for our guests. The staff using the system is seeing an essential difference with connection speed and customers enjoy the quality of the video conference system.

José María Churruca, Hotel Manager, Hotel Palacio de Iván Tarín


Create a thriving community around your hotel brand

Help your staff connect with guests, colleagues and suppliers with Rainbow for the hospitality industry. Offer them what they need to collaborate: audio/video calls, secure chat and free document sharing from anywhere and on any device: mobile devices, desk phones or desktops. It’s free. Mobile. Open. Cloud-based. And seamlessly integrated in your hospitality environment.

On-the-move communications for all staff profiles

Equip your exterior or security teams with the right tools for their environments. ALE ruggedized DECT handsets power on-the-move communications and improved personnel safety.  

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