Online tools can help users work together – but only if the tools themselves work. Our research suggests B2B collaboration has a long way to go.

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Enterprises are failing to reach their collaboration potential
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Users are more demanding - and disappointed - than ever

Given these poor figures, it’s hardly surprising that in four out of ten companies, respondents rated the quality of their collaborative and personal productivity tools as low. 

Balancing user needs with business needs is a challenge:

  • End-users need a simple, reliable way to collaborate regardless of location or device
  • IT managers want robust tools that are secure and easy to integrate
  • C-level users seek solutions that are popular and widely adopted
  • Procurement wants the most cost-effective option
The future of collaboration

The sad truth is that most enterprises never manage to achieve a fully deployed, advanced collaboration experience. Digital collaboration is a proverbial “loose end” that has become difficult to tie up.

However, that’s changing – so it could be simpler than you think to unify your collaboration tools and implement a game-changing collaboration strategy.

Una strategia di collaborazione aziendale eseguita correttamente rende i dipendenti più forti e connette l'ecosistema dell'esperienza del cliente in nuovi modi per creare valore aziendale.


The Enterprise Collaboration Playbook For 2017

On Rainbow, even your developers collaborate

Deploying the Rainbow platform allows companies to develop and seamlessly integrate their own applications on top of an existing infrastructure. But that’s not all: it also offers access to an ever-growing pool of open source applications that run on this API.

They’re built and maintained by experienced partner developers, and available to all enterprise Rainbow users.


Channeling untapped potential for positive results

In the often-disconnected world of digital collaboration, it’s refreshing to see that open standards, custom integration and new business models offer great potential for growth, adoption and innovation.

With a new perspective on collaboration, every part of your business can be better connected.

And when all your systems are communicating clearly with each other, you can guarantee your users are too.

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