Alcatel-Lucent digital government solutions connect communities, agencies and businesses to support digital transformation in government

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise were recently honored to be part of the IP telephony solution deployed in the highly-secured Biarritz region during the G7 last month. Our management sincerely thanks the French Ministries for their vote of confidence.

Ministry of the Interior

Digital transformation in government is essential to deliver high-quality public services. You’re a city, a local, state or federal government agency? Our digital government solutions help you offer the engagement and safety people expect. Cloud models keep your budget under control.

Our e-government, smart city, defense and public safety solutions comply with strict industry certifications.

ALE solutions for government help:

  • Connect the public to secure, responsive experiences
  • Connect staff to deliver more secure, reliable public services
  • Connect public officials to enhance value, efficiency, and budget management

Digital tools improve the relationship with citizens

By using mobile apps and digital channels that users are familiar with, interaction between administrations, citizens and companies increases, and trust improves. But at the same time, Government bodies need to provide alternatives, as not all users have access to technology. They must fulfil their duty to make access to public services freely available to all, via multiple channels.

Working together for better elected and employee efficiency 

Mobility and collaboration drive digital transformation and make workers more efficient than ever. Incompatibility, dropped calls and missed messages are no longer valid excuses: anytime, borderless collaboration between employees, contractors and citizens is essential. Public/private partnerships and service delegation are increasing to provide the high quality services that citizens expect.

Safer buildings; smarter cities

Whether they're working for citizens' security, towards a better environment or for traffic management, connected objects and sensors are spreading fast around our cities. Their notifications must be transferred and actioned in an accurate, timely manner so the correct actions are taken: traffic regulation, maintenance, crisis management... For Location-based Services, real time communications are critical to inform the workforce in the field, or notify employees and citizens. Connected objects such as street signs and interactive panels will also be an important way of communicating with citizens.

Cost-efficiency in the age of austerity

Budgets are one of the greatest challenges of the digital journey for governments, who are expected to evolve and drive innovation while limiting spend. Austerity is a permanent factor, and as a consequence, responsibilities are being redistributed and services are being shared while new business models arise.

Defense certifications and compliance:

Alcatel-Lucent products are national defense compliant and certified for: Common criteria, NATO, NIST, Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) compliance for U.S. Department of Defense interoperability, FIPS 140-2. ALE is a member of the European Emergency Number Association (EENA 112).

Countries in all regions are increasingly embracing innovation and utilizing ICTs to deliver services and engage people in decision-making processes. One of the most important new trends is the advancement of people-driven services. It addresses the growing demand for more personalized services that reflect individual needs, as well as people’s aspiration to be more closely engaged in the design and delivery of services. These new demands are transforming the way the public sector operates.

Wu Hongbo, Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs

United Nations

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Here's why Government customers choose ALE

  • Secure and resilient systems: Advanced multi-layer network security from edge to core provides comprehensive BYOD and IoT services and protects highly available real-time communications systems for confidentiality, event awareness, notifications and response coordination
  • Flexible: Deploy and scale at your own pace; quickly and easily upgrade existing network and communications capabilities from legacy infrastructure to new technologies and optimize budget with innovative OPEX-based networking and communications deployment models
  • User experience: Innovative, easy-to-use solutions from deployment through to administration and usage, with a strong focus on greetings, mobility and borderless collaboration
  • Easy integration: System openness and analytics make it simple to integrate custom communications or IoT-enabled business processes, and user-facing web or mobile applications

We make everything connect, delivering technology that works for your people, your public, and your organization.

With our global reach and local focus, we deliver secure networking and communications, purpose-built for responsive community services.

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