The mission of the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Application Partner Program is to support a broad ecosystem of developers and partners throughout the Application Lifecycle. 

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The Program, designed for application enablement, helps members to:

  • Develop innovative applications based on advanced APIs, knowledge of ALE International technologies, and technical support from ALE International
  • Certify and deploy trusted applications, which may be maintained and upgraded over multiple releases
  • Market and sell joint solutions, by increasing market presence and go-to-market opportunities across all regions and markets

A wide variety of companies and individuals develop applications, products and services that complement ALE International communication solutions for enterprises. These include application developers, technology providers, hardware manufacturers, infrastructure providers, universities and other entities, as well as ALE International Business Partners and customers who want to develop their own applications.

The Program is meant for all these organizations and individuals.

What AAPP offers

The program supports its members at all stages of the application lifecycle. Read on to discover more about the technology and business services we offer.

Technology Services

The Program enables Members (Registered Companies and Partners) to develop, certify and deploy their applications in ALE International environments. Technology benefits and services include:

  • Application Programming APIs to integrate your application with ALE International platforms
  • A technical knowledge database, including a repository of documentation on ALE International technologies
  • Development assistance to reduce development time and costs
  • Virtual and physical labs to simplify application development and testing, and minimize your investments in equipment and manpower
  • Developer Partner Accreditation to provide recognition of your expertise as a developer of applications based on particular ALE International APIs or software development kits (SDKs)
  • Application Certification to formally certify that your application and/or product properly inter-works with ALE International platforms
  • Technical support to assist in the deployment and maintenance of joint solutions
  • Training programs to enable Partners to acquire advanced technical skills and knowledge

Read more about Technology services.

Business Services

The Program helps Partners market and sell their application. Business benefits and services include:

  • Logos, web toolkits and press activities to provide strong differentiators for your public relations and web communications
  • Partner presence on ALE International websites, e-newsletters and customer references to increase your market exposure
  • Joint participation in trade shows, events and briefing centers to help you connect with ALE International Business Partners and customers
  • Joint sales enablement and business plans to develop co-sell and re-sell strategies with ALE International

Read more about Business services.

Membership Levels

All Program Members initially start as Registered Companies, and may access Partner status upon completion of the relevant certification or accreditation processes.


To join the Program, your firm applies to become a Registered Company. Upon acceptance of your request by ALE International, your company is provided with access to technology services and may obtain additional services as well. 


To be accredited as a Developer Partner, your company demonstrates its ability to develop innovative applications based on specific ALE International interfaces or SDKs. Your company shows commitment to ALE International and has a strong presence in key markets for us. Developer Partners are eligible for technology and business services.

To become an Application Partner, your company's application(s) and/or product(s) are formally tested and certified to show that they inter-work properly with ALE International platforms. Like Developer Partners, Application Partners demonstrate commitment and a strong market presence. Application Partners are eligible for technology and business services.

Solution Partners are engaged in close cooperation with ALE International to develop, market and sell joint solutions based on both parties’ products or applications. Solution Partners are eligible for advanced technology and business services such as R&D collaboration, joint solution definitions and business plans.

Technical Services

AAPP helps Members (Registered Companies and Partners) to develop, certify and deploy their applications in Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise environments. 

Technology benefits and services include:

Development Assistance

The development assistance service enables Program Participants with a valid development assistance package to contact ALE International for guidance on the use of ALE International interfaces, providing direct access (by email or telephone) to ALE International experts who respond to technical questions.

A wide range of technical issues are included:

  • Questions and requests for clarification about interface contents
  • Guidance on the use or the meaning of services offered by the interfaces
  • Clarification on the dynamic behavior of the underlying systems or functions driven by the interfaces
  • Clarification on the system limits and resulting constraints when using the interfaces
  • Guidance on development in light of these issues

ALE International experts will also provide diagnostic guidance and suggest best practices.

Key features

  • Program Participants can open a eService Request (SR) through the eService Request Management
    (SRM) tool accessible on the Application Partner Portal (private area). With the online SRM tool, Program Participants can track progress or update their SRs with notes and attachments.
  • SRs are received at the Welcome Center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:
  • By phone
  • By email
  • By e-SR via ALE International websites (including the Business Partner Portal)

Virtual Labs

The virtual lab is an e-testing service providing developers with secure remote access to an ALE International hosted platform with all the features required to develop and test applications based on ALE International products, interfaces and SDKs. Access to services and resources is managed through a virtual private network (VPN) over an Internet connection.

Applications and terminals are located on a network on the Partner side, whereas central equipment (PBX, web services framework, CTI servers, etc.) are located on the ALE International network. Both networks are connected using an open VPN solution on the Internet.

Physical Labs (ALE International in-house testing platforms)

Program Participants may use an ALE International in-house testing platform with the assistance of an expert. The platform, located on ALE International premises, includes pre-installed, pre-configured hardware and software. The platform configuration may vary depending on the particular nature of the application to be tested.

Application Partner lab equipment kits

A set of lab equipment kits is provided by ALE International at a discounted price. The lab kits are based on ALE International platforms and software suites. The lab kits include hardware, software and software licenses that enable Program Participants to test their application or/and product in a real-life ALE International environment. All new licenses and new software releases will be delivered by ALE International for free provided that the Program Participant is able to handle the upgrade without assistance.


ALE International products offer a large range of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that are documented and supported by ALE International experts. These enable your application to interoperate with ALE International solutions, while offering your customer a rich set of features. Learn more information about interfaces in the interfaces section.

Technical Knowledge Database

Program Participants benefit from a repository of technical documentations for ALE International products that helps them understand ALE International technologies.

The repository includes user manuals, installation guides, maintenance guides, etc. Program Participants can search, browse, download, subscribe to notifications, and create their own technical library. It lets you:

  • Download an entire book or browse by chapter (reference book), or search by specific topic
  • Create subscription lists and be notified when new documents are uploaded
  • Create a custom library and easily download content with a shopping cart function
  • Provide feedback on the interface
  • Access extensive online help

The database includes technical documentation for the most recent product releases as well as former releases.

Application Certification

Program Participants may have their applications and/or products formally certified in order to demonstrate that their application and/or product properly inter-work with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise platforms.

View all the Program InterWorking Reports 

The aims of the Application Certification are to:

  • Reduce integration costs
  • Accelerate deployments
  • Minimize risk of failure
  • Ensure a high level of trust for customers and business partners

Key features:

  • The Application Certification is based on successful testing by ALE International and the Partner, the result being consigned into an Inter-Working Report (IWR) validated by both parties.
  • The IWR is a technical reference document written jointly by ALE International and the Partner company, and describes the testing configuration, selected features and results. The IWR may also contain any known potential inter-working limitations.
  • IWRs are published on the Business Partner Portal dedicated to ALE International Business Partners. 

The IWR is valid for three years and may be updated in case of product or SDK major updates.

Developer Partner Accreditation

ALE International may grant the Developer Partner Accreditation to companies that have demonstrated their ability to develop quality applications based on specific interfaces or SDKs and that satisfy the Developer Partner Program requirements. The requirements may vary depending on the interface or SDK and on the product.

Key features:

  • The Partner has successfully trained a minimum of two developers on the specific product and SDK (meaning two developers have completed the training course and passed the related certification exam). They are committed to maintain at all times a minimum of two qualified developers
  • The partner has invested in sufficient lab equipment to perform autonomous development and testing
  • Submitted a minimum of one application developed using the specific interface or SDK to ALE International for evaluatuation 

The Partner Accreditation is valid for one calendar year and may be automatically renewed with the Program membership unless otherwise specified (for example, in case of product or SDK major update).

Technical Support

The technical support service enables Program Participants with a valid certification and/or accreditation to collaborate with ALE International experts and Business Partners to solve technical issues raised during or after the customer installation phase.

Key features:

  • Only certified applications/accredited developers are officially supported by ALE International
  • Program Participants can open a eService Request (SR) through the eService Request Management (SRM) tool accessible on the Application Partner Portal (private area). With the online SRM tool, Program Participants can track progress or update their SRs with notes and attachments
  • SRs are received at the Welcome desk 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:
  • By phone
  • By email
  • By e-SR via ALE International web sites (Application Partner and Business Partner Portals)

Technical Training

ALE International offers multi-disciplinary training in fields that includes sales product knowledge, pre-sales design and post-sales engineering. A variety of training methods are available, enabling Partners to lower their training costs, reduce training time and minimize travel expenses. Training methods include online computer-based learning, online instructor-led classes, and classroom training and labs.

Courses are regularly held at 21 ALE International training centers around the world. A training program can also be run on the Partner’s premises. 

Business Services

The Program helps Partners market and sell their application. Business benefits and services include:

Logos and Graphics

A family of logos for the Alcatel-Lucent Application Partner Program has been created to provide a distinctive sub-brand to identify and differentiate trusted Solution Partners, Application Partners and Certified Applications.

Each sub-brand logo includes a modified version of the ALE International logo and Partner designation title for use in all marketing communications including presentations, technical and marketing documentation, web sites, press releases, articles, panels, etc.

The ALE International Certified Application mark can be used only by Participants of the Program, having at least one application certified by ALE International. Use of this mark for any other product of the company not certified by ALE International is not allowed. The ALE International partnership marks can be used only by Partners of the Program. These logos can be used by Partners for marketing communications materials including presentations, technical and marketing documentation, web sites, e-marketing campaigns, press releases, articles, panels, etc. 

Web Toolkit

The web toolkit is a pack of elements that can be immediately posted by Partners on their own web sites to promote their relationship with ALE International Enterprise. Designed as “Ready-to-Post”, this web toolkit contains: 

  • ALE International short presentations
  • Alcatel-Lucent Application Partner Program short presentation
  • Related URLs
  • “Certified Application”, “Developer Partner”, “Application Partner” or “Solution Partner” logos and related branding guidelines

Press Activities

Partners may wish to issue a press release upon successful completion of the certification or accreditation process. After approval, partner press releases mentioning ALE International must be approved by the ALE International corporate press department. 

Partner Presence on ALE sites

This website has been designed to promote the Program and associated partners and to maximize the exposure of Application Partners on all ALE International websites.

Partners who have successfully passed the certification or accreditation process are invited to post their partner brief(s) (one partner brief per certified application) on the Application Partner Portal public area and update information when necessary:

A partner brief contains the information about your certified application and your company as well as business contacts and a link to your web site. Marketing and technical documents may be also attached. The IWR is available to all Business Partners on the Business Partner Portal.


ALE International issues various newsletters profiled by geographic area and type of reader (customers, Business Partners, etc.) that deliver news from ALE International and the Enterprise market. Compilations of all the new certified applications are published on a regular basis. In addition, dedicated articles written by Partners may be published.

Customer Reference Program

The ALE Customer Reference Program showcases companies worldwide that are experiencing the benefits of ALE International products and solutions. ALE International invites Partners to document joint customer references to demonstrate how their partnership with ALE International improve the way they do business.

Briefing Centers

With locations worldwide, ALE International Briefing Centers showcase the latest ALE International solutions, helping deliver key messages and keeping clients informed of the latest updates. 
Briefing centers illustrate how ALE International solutions meet the general communication needs of small, medium and large enterprises and verticals. Joint solutions and Certified Applications may be associated with ALE International demonstrations through joint demonstration scripts and messages. 

Events and Trade Shows

Application Partners and Solution Partners may be associated with ALE International local and central events that are major meeting points for enterprise customers, service providers, distributors and application developers, as well as industry influencers such as press, analysts and consultants. Some exhibitor packs dedicated to Partners may be available including booth rental and promotion at very attractive prices. Partners may be invited to customer presentations (for example, round tables, conferences, workshops) organized by ALE International at central and local levels. 

ALE International may also participate in Partner events: seminars, re-seller or customer events, booth sharing in trade shows, etc. 

Sales Enablement

Sales enablement gives the opportunity to Solution Partners and selected Application Partners to educate ALE International direct and indirect sales channels on their offering. Partner sales toolkits are available, including marketing and technical collateral on joint solutions:

  • Customer/sales presentation
  • Joint data sheet
  • Customer case study
  • Technical and sales training
  • FAQs

Training sessions are organized to present joint solutions or Certified Applications:

  • These sessions are dedicated to technical, pre-sales and sales persons from ALE International or Business Partners.
  • They are organized by ALE International central or local teams.
  • The format varies (webinars or in-room sessions).

Business Plan

ALE International establishes strong relationships with Solution Partners to market and sell joint solutions that combine the expertise of both companies. In this case, sales or Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) agreements are signed. ALE International direct and indirect sales channels are encouraged to sell those combined offerings. A common business plan is built in collaboration with the Solution Partner including:

  • Scope and business goals of the partnership as well as the means to reach those goals (allocated budget, resources and schedules)
  • Associated marketing plan describing the necessary marketing actions and deliverables
  • Common roadmap
  • Common reporting process
  • Common human resources to coordinate and execute the business plan