The acceleration of digitalisation

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10월 05, 2021

The digitalisation journey is already underway and accelerating for everyone, enabled by digital-age networks, the cloud, and communications.

The acceleration of digitalisation

The digitalisation journey is already underway and accelerating for everyone, enabled by digital age networks, the cloud and communications.

In this blog from Rukmini Glanard, EVP of Global Sales, Services and Marketing, learn what is driving the acceleration of digitalisation and shaping the future of business.

• A foundation for the future

• Flexibility and agility

• Workforce mobility

• Tech revolution

A foundation for the future

From enabling remote or hybrid working, to creating smart and sustainable cities, the mass scale deployment of IoT devices and safely onboarding patients or passengers, the benefits of embracing digital transformation are abundant.

However, without the appropriate autonomous network to provide the platform for digital transformation, none of this is possible. The network is the lynchpin holding everything together in a connected world.

In order for organisations to enjoy the benefits comprehensive end-to-end solutions can bring and not worry about the security, reliability or compliance aspects, it is important to understand that an autonomous network is the foundation on which any successful digital transformation project is built.

Flexibility and agility

Digital solutions must address market needs now and in the future, whether they apply to government, education, healthcare, transportation, or hospitality. Market requirements and new usages are fast evolving and heavily impacted by the transition in the way the world is working.

The acceleration of the digitalisation of the world has been triggered because most organisations had to speed up their technology evolution in response to the health crisis. This has boosted the consumption of cloud-based services delivered on a subscription model, which provide the flexibility and agility organisations need in order to keep adapting to a continually evolving business environment.

Workforce mobility

Digitalisation of course now goes hand-in-hand with mobility. Because business processes and services also involve human interactions, demand for cloud-based services is on the rise to enable workforce mobility.

Regardless of where, when, how people work or what device they are using, the integration of smart assistants, artificial intelligence (AI) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) are helping employees navigate the new normal. While Wi-Fi capability and reliability, security and always-on connectivity are essential to daily life, at home, at work or travelling.

The digitalisation of the world is accelerating in parallel with the new ways of working. Although there is a desire for everyone to have balance and quality of life there are also fewer boundaries between the communication channels used for the private and professional environments. It’s therefore important for people to have a seamless experience, where they are not hassled by the technology but are supported by it, whether that is going about their daily life or going about their business.

Tech revolution

As a primary provider of technology, we are part of a large ecosystem. Some of these technologies are fundamental, such as switches, access points and phones. However, our hybrid solutions encompassing LAN, wireless LAN, security, unified communication and collaboration enable the technology to be truly transformational. With our suite of solutions and equipment, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise is playing a key role in this evolution and does this by working with an ecosystem of business partners who are on the frontline of the acceleration of digitalisation.

The technology that is here today is paving the way for the future. However, in order for digital transformation to succeed, and for the technology to be an enabler, businesses must first have a clear picture of what they are trying to achieve. Secondly, the right mindset is crucial, because if you are trying to create a revolution which might be too disruptive and therefore with no appetite from your teams, it won’t work.

The digitalisation of the world is going at full speed, and it is heading in the direction of IoT, AI, and the cloud. In order for this evolution to a world where everything is connected to be successful, the appropriate network connectivity solutions must be the foundation that underpins everything.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise connects everything by delivering digital age networking, communications and cloud solutions tailored for its customers’ success, in the cloud, on premises or hybrid. For more information about how Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise can help you accelerate your digital transformation journey, find out more about our products and services here, or get in touch.

Lori Kleiman with long hair wearing glasses

Rukmini Glanard


Joining in 2016 as Senior Vice President EUNO Region, Rukmini Glanard now heads the sales, services and marketing organizations for Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise worldwide. Her passion for innovation, coupled with a deep understanding of business strategy and go-to-market has helped her drive the transformation of the teams she has been leading since 2019.

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