45 ParkLane achieved operational efficiencies and an improved guest experience with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise solutions.

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  • 산업: 호텔 관광 서비스업
  • 해결책: 비즈니스 전화 통신

45 Park Lane is the latest addition to the Dorchester Collection, a luxury hotel group with sites in Los Angeles, Paris, Milan and Geneva. It opened in 2011, and has already established itself among international travelers at the top end of the hospitality sector. A range of features help differentiate 45 Park Lane in a crowded London hotel market, including bespoke furniture, contemporary artwork, a media room and the first European location for celebrity restaurateur, Wolfgang Puck.

Alcatel-Lucent enabled us to put together what we felt was a very good comprehensive package that enabled our customer to control their room from the handset.

Marc Campbell, Chief Information Officer, 45 ParkLane


45 ParkLane Customer Video

해결 과제

  • Deploy a single, central device to control all in-room features such as climate, lighting, media and phone
  • The flexibility to be able to add new features as and when required
  • A portable solution which allows guests to move around with no loss of functionality
  • Technology had to match the type of luxurious products that our customers would have in their home

제품& 서비스



적용 이점
  • Better guest experience
  • Strengthened customer loyalty
  • Improved guest access to services
  • Higher revenues per room
  • Streamlined operations
  • Greater operational efficiencies
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