Alcatel-Lucent and business partner Italia Net Services deployed a modern solution at the Agenzia Spaziale

  • 국가: 이탈리아
  • 산업: 정부 기관
  • 해결책: 비즈니스 전화 통신, 통합 커뮤니케이션

The Italian Space Agency was founded in 1988.
Its purpose was to coordinate all of Italy's efforts and investments in the space sector that had begun in the 1960s.

Thanks to the modern solution adopted we improved internal cost management and the synergy among administration functions. This is key for an agency with widespread international collaboration such as ours in order to achieve our objectives.

Bruno Tribioli, Head of Planning Investments and Finance, Agenzia Spaziale Italiana (ASI)

해결 과제

  • Optimize existing technology investment.
  • Connect all existing sites using redundant VOIP infrastructure, facilitating users’ mobility.
  • Scalable and extendable solution for future needs.

제품& 서비스
적용 이점
  • Reliable and scalable solution.
  • Modern, simple and open infrastructure, Unified Communication oriented.
  • Convergence of fixed and mobile devices in a unique IP infrastructure.
  • Excellent quality/price ratio.
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