Pontifical Javeriana University, one of the oldest universities in Latin America.

  • 국가: 콜롬비아
  • 산업: 교육
  • 해결책: 모바일 캠퍼스

Javeriana University has 18 schools, including a very well-known medical school, and about 25,000 students at its Bogota campus.

Javeriana University aims to become one of the world’s top universities with access to online tools and learning, and facilitated BYOD and mobility.

What we expect, and for that we count on the partnership with ALE, is the permanent availability of the technology that exists at the time to enable the services that our university community requires from us.

Ing. Luis Francisco Martinez, Director of Information Technology, Javeriana University

Pontifical Javeriana University EN Customer Video

해결 과제

  • Javeriana University aims to become one of the world’s top universities
  • To do so, the university wanted to provide access to online tools and learning, and facilitate BYOD and mobility
  • The objective was to create a differentiating digital learning environment in and out of the classroom to deliver best-in-class education

제품& 서비스


  • OmniAccess AP105
  • OmniAccess IAP135, IAP205, IAP 215, IAP 225, IAP 275, IAP 325
  • OmniAccess WLAN Controllers 4650
  • OmniAccess WLAN Controllers 4750



  • Mobile Campus
  • Mobile Communications
적용 이점
  • Over 1000 access points onsite for pervasive and reliable WiFi connectivity.
  • The university has taken a big step towards becoming a top global university, raising its profile and attractiveness
  • Students can bring their own devices and access online learning resources everywhere on campus, enhancing the level of education.
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