Sardegna Ricerche introduced a new network with better and faster access to all the companies and people using the network.

  • 국가: 이탈리아
  • 산업: 정부 기관
  • 해결책: 데이터 센터

The Region of Sardinia set up Sardegna Ricerche in 1985 to promote research, technology transfer, and development of economic knowledge. In addition, Sardegna Ricerche manages and develops the Science and Technology Park of Sardinia, and provides services for small and medium-sized enterprises to support the introduction of new technologies and products.

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해결 과제

  • To create a Data Center infrastructure in a star topology structure, with a 20G backbone.
  • To enable the usage of access devices with advanced features (10/100/1000 and 40G full-L3 connectivity).
  • To set up Power over Ethernet (PoE) for VoIP and Wi-Fi support.
  • To achieve network central management.

제품& 서비스
적용 이점


  • Sardegna Ricerche has a high capacity and high reliability network (40G full redundant), PoE support for the new VoIP platform and increased hardware reliability. 


  • Management and maintenance costs have been optimized thanks to the network standardization of IT practices. 

User experience: 

  • All the companies and people using the network now have better and faster access thanks to the ease of user profiling and can work independently outside of the central location.
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