The Winery Hotel transformed their wine-centric hospitality experience, allowing guests instant access to key hotel services direct from their mobile devices.

  • 국가: 스웨덴
  • 산업: 호텔 관광 서비스업
  • 해결책: 비즈니스 전화 통신

The Winery Hotel, located in Stockholm - Solna in Sweden, is the world’s first combined urban winery and boutique hotel with 180 rooms. They wanted to enable guests to use their own mobile devices to access key hotel services, including their self-guided wine-tasting feature application.


The Winery Hotel Customer Video

I would like to describe our cooperation with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise as trustworthy. They attend to us as a customer, they’re very interested in our needs, and I look forward to future cooperation with them.

Caroline Östman, General Manager

The Winery Hotel

해결 과제

  • The Winery Hotel wanted their guests to be able to use their own mobile devices to access key hotel services
  • They required a system for guests to make table reservations at the Winery Hotel’s two restaurants, and make internal and external calls, without needing to purchase fixed telephones or print paper directories
  • As a winery and boutique hotel, The Winery Hotel offers a self-guided wine tasting, and often put on special offers, so they needed these to be readily available to their guests via their mobile devices

제품& 서비스


  • Mobile Guest Softphone


  • Business Telephony
적용 이점
  • The Winery Hotel wants to capitalize on the Mobile Guest Softphone and use it in additional ways. For example, going forward, the hotel is considering pushing sponsored content and targeted advertising to guest devices.
  • Management and maintenance of fixed phones in guest rooms has been completely eliminated.
  • Thanks to the Mobile Guest Softphone, the Winery Hotel did not need to purchase fixed telephones or print paper directories for its 180 rooms, an important cost saving.
  • The hotel can generate new revenue through advertising.
  • Guests have access to real-time information 24/7, including daily restaurant menus.
  • The Mobile Guest Softphone helps guests immerse themselves in the world of wine by facilitating bookings and offering a step-by-step self-guided wine tasting.
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