In a newly-created role, Kelly Allen joins ALE as Director of Vertical Sales, Transportation & Hospitality in the EUNO region.

ALE, operating under the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise brand, has announced the appointment of Kelly Allen as Director of Vertical Sales for Transportation & Hospitality in the EUNO region. Ms Allen will be responsible for spearheading the recently announced vertical strategy to drive sales of industry-specific networking and communications solutions into these focus markets.

Ms Allen brings over 20 years’ experience from the IT & Telecom industries, having last served as Business Management Director for Airport Solutions at SITA - providing bespoke IT products to the air transport industry. She has previously held director and management positions at Unisys and ICL Fujitsu in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. 

Transportation and hospitality are key growth markets for ALE. Transport network technology is shifting from legacy systems to more future-proof and scalable LAN and WLAN IP solutions, and the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise technology portfolio of hardened, IoT-ready network components is perfectly positioned to support transport operators transition to Intelligent Transportation Systems. ALE aims to capitalize on its strong brand presence in the hospitality industry, helping hoteliers cater for today’s ‘smart’ guests and providing consumption-based models to meet the market's seasonal variations.


Rukmini Glanard, Senior Vice President EUNO, ALE: “The appointment of Kelly Allen reinforces our commitment to supporting the ongoing digital transformation of vertical market organizations in the region. Combining the transportation and hospitality verticals under her leadership enables us to focus on enhancing the overall end-to-end traveller experience.

Her expertise in the transportation industry will prove invaluable both to us and our partners as we look to apply the success of our network and communications portfolio in the hospitality industry to other key vertical markets. We have already seen excellent applications of our portfolio in the transportation industry with the deployment of hardened networking to support safety systems in the recently opened Gotthard Base Tunnel.”

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Jack Chen, CEO, ALE

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