A unified hospitality offering from Schneider Electric and ALE is on display in Dubai.

Dubai, UAE, 20 December 2016 – ALE, operating under the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise brand, has announced collaboration with Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management and automation, whereby the two companies are demonstrating next-generation technology solutions at the Schneider Electric hospitality showroom in Dubai Silicon Oasis for its Gulf customers. 

Schneider Electric launched the hospitality showroom at its regional headquarters in Dubai to host customers and showcase its hospitality offering. At the showroom, the brand demonstrates how hotels can implement smart solutions that offer guests’ superior comfort while achieving high profitability, flexibility, and energy efficiency. Schneider Electric’s guestroom management solutions drive greater hotel efficiency and savings, whilst improving guest experience. The Schneider solutions use a combination of presence detectors and door contacts to automatically detect whenever a room is unoccupied to make adjustments for repairs of room conditions while guests are away and quickly restore settings prior to their return. 

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise’s wide array of offerings specific to the hospitality industry are also on display at the showroom, and includes communications and networking solutions that can be implemented via the cloud or on-premise. The solutions tailored for hotels help create an enhanced experience, reduce infrastructure costs, and improve hotel operations.

In addition, on display is a range of high-end deskphones that demonstrate how phones can do more than make calls by acting as a command center for in-room comfort. The rich features of the Alcatel-Lucent 8088 Smart Deskphone provides an enhanced guest experience with its 7-inch vivid touch screen, Bluetooth® handset and a suite of smart guest applications integrated with the Room Management System. The Alcatel-Lucent 8018 Deskphone delivers a modern design with advanced user-friendly telephony features, programable speed dial keys and offers the hotel a customizable faceplate.

The Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Mobile Guest Softphone solution allows guests to connect using their own devices at any time, offering a new way to interact with the hotel facilities, while accessing free in-hotel voice communications over the hotel’s wireless network. Guests’ mobile devices automatically become part of the hotel telephony system and are linked with respective rooms through a simple QR code scan.


Jean-Baptiste Plagne, Vice President, Eco Buildings Business Unit, Schneider Electric Gulf Countries, said: “The hospitality industry requires technology that not only delivers powerful solutions for guests to create personalized experiences, but also provides positive business outcomes and cost-efficiency for the hotels. Together, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise and Schneider Electric solutions are able to offer a comprehensive technology portfolio of products and solutions that can be adapted to the hotel’s requirements and will offer an experience that is unmatched.”

Xavier Mongin, Regional Director, Hospitality, Middle East and SE Africa, ALE commented: “As the hospitality industry grows at a tremendous speed in the UAE and the wider region, with a recent report citing 54,000 hotels rooms to open by 2020, technology will play a pivotal role in ensuring guest satisfaction remains high. We are excited to have a one-stop shop for hospitality customers, alongside Schneider Electric in the Gulf region, to showcase an innovative concept that positively benefit both hotel and their guests.”

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Jack Chen, CEO, ALE

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