Digital transformation survey in the hospitality industry reveals that hotels put hyper-focus on mobility and connectivity.

The Hospitality Digital Transformation survey identifies three pillars of a digital transformation – mobility, digital customer experience and connectivity through Internet of Things. And reveals leaders, laggards, and how strategies and investment plans differ. These segments of interest align with broader strategic goals for hotel technology investments in 2018.

Key findings:

  • Cyber threats on the radar: 74% of hotels have indicated that they will allocate their IT budget to security in 2018. Guest engagement, analytics and IoT follow.
  • Innovators identify guest Wi-Fi, CRM/loyalty and customer-facing mobile apps as top investments for digital transformation.
  • Looking ahead to 2020, In their battle to differentiate, leaders will distinguish with guest analytics and further personalization through A.I., in-room automation or location-based marketing. But hotels also turn their attention to staff mobility. 

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