Creating partnerships between industries and academic institutions enables to open boundaries and connect students, teachers and technology experts. Have a look at our school partners and get in touch with us.

A school partnership program enables real-world technology

When industry and educational institutions partner, potential is unleashed. A school business partnership connects students, teachers and technology experts in a new innovative development environment. Access to development sandboxes provides hands-on opportunities for training future developers. Collaboration between industry experts, teachers and students provides insights into businesses’ real-world technology needs. 


The future engineers of Exia Cesi and the students from the Strasbourg school of management worked together to develop a new project management application, based on Rainbow. Moonbow sprang from this initiative. Moonbow includes all of the tools required for chatting, videoconferencing and rights management.

Introducing Moonbow, A simple, dynamic, and secure project management application based on Rainbow.

Integrating Rainbow and IoT with Sigfox Network

Rainbow - SigFox Gateway

Télécom Physique Strasbourg who developed a Rainbow - Sigfox gateway for Heatlthcare vertical. The gateway makes it possible to inject into a bot the temperature of a patient through a Sigfox network. The patient, the doctor and the bot are gathered in a Rainbow bubble. The BOT interrogation uses the NLP thanks to the library

The ENSEA, a leading French Graduate School located in Cergy-Pontoise (30 km from Paris), is a trusted ALE education partner. For 3 years, they will benefit from visits, workshops and conferences for students, have exclusive access to Rainbow APIs for 2nd and 3rd grade engineers, and will benefit from ALE sponsorship on school’s events.

Read the ENSEA Press Release

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