The University Partnership Program provides a school business partnership to share knowledge and develop skills.

Development tools and platforms offer collaboration with industry experts to create real-world applications and services. A school partnership can stimulate learning and provide opportunities for students and industry to create innovative concepts that can be turned into reality. 

What kind of projects can I participate?

Students can choose between two platforms: Rainbow CPaaS or OmniAccess Stellar LBS to develop their projects. In some cases a combination of both platforms is also available.

Embed cognitive communication by using Rainbow CPaaS platform

Rainbow CPaaS is a cloud-based platform that enables developers to add real-time communications features (voice, video, and messaging) in their own applications without needing to build backend infrastructure and interfaces.

Start Rainbow developer’s journey and discover the Rainbow API Hub.

Access samples of Rainbow APIs source code on GitHub

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Develop location-based services (LBS) to address any location requirement.
Alcatel-Lucent Stellar LBS에 대한 자세한 정보를 얻으십시오

The ALE Stellar LBS platform offers a set of software development tools that enables the creation of location-based services on a variety of mobile devices and operating systems.

The University Partnership Program lets students enhance their skills and develop new applications and services for a trial period of 1 year. Institutions who partner with ALE gain free access during the trial period to:

  • Subscription for indoor location services
  • Access to LBS Software Developer’s Kit (SDK) platform
  • Remote support on installation, calibration and test for a dedicated period
  • A set of eBeacons 
  • Tutorials and practical use cases examples

Access samples of Stellar LBS APIs source code on GitHub


Look at the Stellar LBS tutorials and Rainbow APIs and Hub webinar to see their full potential.

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