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1. Join the ALE Hackathon community to share ideas and get innovative!

When industry and technology professionals come together, they each bring fresh perspectives and unique skill sets that can result in innovative applications that make a difference. Hackathons provide an opportunity for like minds to connect, lively discussions to take place, and collaborations to flourish. Participants come away with an understanding of every day challenges and new knowledge that can be applied to real-life scenarios. Insights gained at hackathon events can provide a competitive edge in accelerating a solution from idea to fruition.

Learn how hackathons help turn ideas into reality

ALE Brewery Introduction

Discover what is the ALE Brewery

2. Dive in the ALE Brewery and Team up with innovative ALE employees

The ALE Brewery is where good ideas go to grow. The Brewery provides a place to cultivate disruptive ideas from inspiration to ideation, and from incubation to industrialization.

The Brewery project, introduced in the summer of 2017, unleashed a strong and passionate innovation spirit across ALE, confirming that innovation can come from anywhere. ALE employees from across the organization jumped onboard with dozens of ideas. In addition to encouraging new ideas to ignite, the ALE Brewery project facilitates the growth of the ideas through a 4-stage program.

  • Inspiration: ideas are generated 
  • Ideation: ideas are explored to prove their value 
  • Incubation: after a pitch session, a project team Is created to transform ideas into prototypes
  • Industrialization: after an idea has been through the incubation stage, an opportunity is provided for teams to convince a jury that their ideas deserved a place in the ALE development roadmap

We know that good ideas and disruptive innovation don’t come from just inside organizations; they also come from mixing minds, cultures and external groups. That’s why the ALE Brewery is not restricted just to employees, but is open to all ALE stakeholders, partners, students and start-up organization to participate. Let’s all take the opportunity to challenge innovation with disruptive ideas:


3. Share your thoughts with the Spacewalkers developers community!

The Spacewalkers community provides a forum for collaborative conversations, to exchange ideas, and share advice and challenges. Enjoy a wide variety of perspectives in the blogs and articles and learn more about new innovative networking solutions.

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