It’s time to let your network grow up. With AFN, it can take care of itself, delivering applications, services and experiences – automatically.

Traditional networks are being stretched to their limit by virtual environments, smart devices and real-time applications.

At the eye of the storm, your IT team has to hold it all together - or it’s game over.

Here's the challenge:

  • Server and desktop virtualization is happening
  • Employees are using bandwidth-hungry real-time video and collaboration apps
  • Staff and guest mobile devices and connected things are outnumbering traditional IT equipment
  • Traffic flow is shifting from server-to-desktop (north-to-south) to server-to-server (east-to-west)
  • Your existing network infrastructure is under tremendous stress
What's the answer?

What if your network could dynamically recognize user needs and adapt to them? You’d simplify operations, reduce costs, and get back in control.

That’s where AFN comes in. An intelligent data fabric. Fewer network layers. Automated control. Anywhere. Your network dynamically adapts to the applications, users and devices on it, delivering an outstanding user experience with none of the headache. Not to mention the long term cost savings.

And that’s exactly why application awareness is becoming a critical strategy among business IT professionals.

What is an Application Fluent Network?
Building on the model Gartner calls “application fluency,” Application Fluent Networks enable application control in three ways:
A resilient architecture which simplifies the network by reducing its layers. It’s enabled by our award-winning Intelligent Fabric technology, providing any-to-any connectivity, built-in security and unified access across wired and wireless networks for a seamless user experience.

Automatic control of how applications are served in real time. Dynamically tune network performance based on contextual awareness of the user, application, device and location.

With an application-aware network, all your users get the right level of service, based on the rules you've defined.

Streamlined operations which reduce network complexity through automatic provisioning, converged management, market-leading low power consumption and reduced hardware size.
Why go Application Fluent?

  • Deliver a high-quality user experience: Guarantee QoS, security and availability at any location thanks to application-aware analytics and delivery tools.
  • Streamline IT operations: Dramatically reduce IT workload with Intelligent Fabric automation, automated provisioning and guest self-registration.
  • Lower network infrastructure costs: Reduce CAPEX by simplifying switch and network links; reduce OPEX with low running costs, a self-healing network and automated moves/adds/changes.

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