Customer welcome, call routing and automated attendant features for small to medium-sized businesses.


  • Give a positive first impression to customers calling your business
  • Distribute inbound calls to your team correctly according to defined routing rules
  • Provide employees with call forwarding functionality and secure, remote access to their voicemail boxes


  • Voicemail
  • Personal Assistant: automatic call routing defined by user
  • Greeting messages: up to four customizable company greetings
  • PC-based phone attendant console
  • Automated Attendant (AA): global solution for company welcome
  • Multiple Level AA: global solution for company welcome for multi-brand/multi-language companies and advanced AA needs
  • Smart Call Routing: with 10,000 entries or Contact Center
  • Call Center Office: automatic call routing with PC applications to support call handling (Agent Assistant, Supervisor Console, Statistic Manager) with up to 8 groups and 32 active agents

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