Cost-effective entry-level desk phones with high-quality audio.

With their modern business-grade design, our range of deskphones offers high-quality telephony with simple and elegant interactions. Available with models to suit all needs and budgets, so your entire organization can stay connected and communicating.

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8008 DeskPhone

All services in an affordable compact Model

The 8008 DeskPhone helps companies benefit from high-quality communications and offer a superior customer experience. It offers an intuitive navigation and the wideband audio.

8008 DeskPhone overview

8018 DeskPhone

The compact Model supporting USB headsets

The 8018 DeskPhone offers agents and employees who often are on the phone an excellent audio quality and intuitive access to the phone system services. The backlit screen

8018 DeskPhone


  • Make voice calls, access premium telephony, advanced telephony with easy access to the internal employee directory
  • Guarantee communications with always-on connectivity


  • Grayscale screen
  • Power Over Ethernet Class 1 for low power consumption (8008, 8018)
  • Can be customized for use in different industries
  • Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af)
  • USB connector (8001, 8001G, 8018)
  • Backlight screen (8001, 8001G, 8018)
  • Prog keys (4019/18, 8008, 8018)
  • Wideband (8001, 8001G, 8008, 8018)
  • IPsec VPN (8008, 8018)

적용 이점
Mobility icon 288x252


This field-proven range of handsets is unsurpassed for reliability and QoS.

Rocket benefit icon, 282x252


Efficient and cost-effective design with custom branding help you stand out.

Simplicity icon 288x252


Menus are easy to use and quick for employees and customers to understand.

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8018 DeskPhone: A reliable, full-featured, eco-friendly IP phone with a three-line screen, USB connector and Giga Ethernet link. Its compact design is ideal for small locations such as hotel bedside tables.

8008 / 8008G DeskPhone: A user-friendly, cost-effective and reliable IP phone with a 3-lines large screen, 6 dedicated programmable keys, 4-way navigator and fast-Ethernet PC-through. The 8008 DeskPhone is the perfect compact device for reliable business communications. Exist in SIP variant model with 8008 CE and 8008G CE

8001 / 8001G DeskPhone (end of sales): This cost-effective SIP device offers IP telephony for essential communications. Its graphical display can show up to five lines of text at once.

4018 IP Touch: A full-featured, entry-level IP desk phone with a one-line screen. (End of sales).

4019 Digital Phone: For telephony without the frills; simple and compact.
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