Intelligent network infrastructures connect people, applications, and things on and across your networks. Simply, securely and reliably.

IT support for next-generation devices, apps, and Internet of Things is not 'nice to have'. It's essential. And the campus isn't just converged any more; it's mobile, evolving and facing demands it was never designed to meet. The next step? Deploy a mobile network based on open standards to answer these bandwidth, mobility and IoT needs.

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 Our Mobile Campus solutions help you:

  • Deploy an always-on secure network infrastructure from wireless access to the core
  • Build mission-critical networks in offices and challenging industry environments
  • Connect any IoT device automatically with maximum security
  • Manage devices, users, rules and applications from a single point
Enter a next-generation campus solution
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The ALE Mobile Campus solution is a state-of-the-art converged network, built on a comprehensive set of intelligent network equipment and management software.

Our campus portfolio includes wireless access points, wireless controllers, access switches, core switches, wide area network (WAN) routers and management servers - all specifically geared for network convergence and performance.

It's based on four key technology innovations:

The Mobile Campus can also be deployed as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Network on Demand (NoD) is an IaaS model, provisioning wired and wireless LAN network infrastructure in a 'pay for what you use' consumption model. NoD is contracted through our Business Partners as part of their managed network service.


Our Mobile Campus solutions can increase your competitiveness and build the foundation for tomorrow's digital business.

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Go Stellar: Hard-working Wi-Fi access

Our Stellar WLAN solution uses unique architecture, automation and intelligence to make your Wi-Fi network easier to configure and deploy.

The result? Low-TCO, hardworking Wi-Fi where everything connects. Quickly, simply, and securely.

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