This hotel provides its guests with an innovative BYOD solution that allows them to use their very own mobile devices to make calls at no additional cost.

  • : United Arab Emirates
  • : Hospitality
  • : Business Telephony

Emirates Palace, an ultra-luxurious 5-star hotel in Abu Dhabi, is part of the Kempinski hotel group.

Emirates Palace hotel helps guests go mobile

The prestige that comes with being able to offer a differentiating technology is important to us and something that will wow the guests when they come to the hotel.

Mehmet Akdeniz, Director of IT and AV

Emirates Palace


  • Guests the world over connect through hotel Wi-Fi, but have to revert to the hotel’s fixed lines to make calls and access hotel services.
  • The Emirates Palace wanted to provide its guests with an innovative BYOD solution that would allow them to use their mobile devices at no additional cost. 

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