• Custom designed mobile eConcierge application delivers personalized hotel and voice services to guest’s smart phones
  • Innovative technology replaces in-room phones in all 184 rooms
  • Social media integration enables wine enthusiasts to share likes and comments
  • The application is available for download on Google Play and iTunes

Sweden’s first Winery Hotel pioneers an end-to-end, personalized, and mobile guest experience with ALE technology.

The Winery Hotel, a new hospitality project in Sweden, announced the adoption of BYOD mobile guest application to enhance the winery and hotel guest experience. The new application is based on eConcierge application developed by TeleOffice specifically for The Winery Hotel, and integrates Mobile Guest Softphone SDK from ALE. It provides guest access to all winery and hotel services, from booking facilities and viewing restaurant menus to browsing wine information. These services are available on the guest’s smart device - to create a personalized mobile experience with the winery and hotel before, during, and after the visit. The new solution was implemented ahead of The Winery Hotel’s grand opening in January 2016.

The application is available for download on app stores: Google Play and iTunes.

The Winery Hotel has 184 rooms and conference facilities for 200 guests. The hotel is owned by three Swedish families - Söder, Östlundh and Ruhne - and will be the first urban winery hotel in Sweden. The new application allows the hotel to communicate offers and notifications directly to the smart phone of any guest, ensuring 24x7 contact. The application also includes social media integration, allowing updates on popular social platforms to be shared widely.

The simple, intuitive design of the new solution requires minimal maintenance to ensure continuous updates and Quality of Service for the guest experience. And it eliminates the need for a physical phone in each guest room. The only physical phones in the hotel will be 16 Alcatel-Lucent 8028 and 8038 Premium DeskPhones, which will provide a wide range of advanced telephony features for business administration staff. TeleOffice part of the Telecom Norden group, delivered the cutting-edge solution - unique to the Winery Hotel.

Thomas Berger, Director, Nordic & Baltic Region, ALE - “The development of this app tailored specifically for The Winery Hotel demonstrates the flexibility of our Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Mobile Guest Softphone, due to the fact that it is both fast and cost-effective to develop a similar app not only for hospitality chains but for any business or vertical. We feel that greater digitalization in the hospitality sector is the next logical step to embracing the increasingly common trend of mobility.”

Stefan Eriksson, Managing Director, TeleOffice - “Our delivery of a guest app for The Winery Hotel is reflective of the current hospitality industry - guests are demanding continuous connectivity and greater autonomy, and hotels must have the infrastructure in place to deliver these services. The Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise guest BYOD telephony solution (e.g., Mobile Guest Softphone) was an excellent framework to develop the app from, and will provide The Winery Hotel with a simple, intuitive solution to serve guests."

The new guest app was a natural choice for our hotel - a unique solution that provides guests with a better wine experience at the hotel. The new app will allow us to share and personally tailor campaign information for the customer at all stages of the customer journey. We have taken an ambitious step by abolishing guest phones in rooms, but we strongly believe it will deliver a greater element of convenience and personalization to our guests

Marcus Östlundh, Managing Director, The Winery Hotel

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