Step 1: Registration

A) Read and accept the Program Terms and Conditions

B) Fill in and submit the online registration form to provide general information about your company and candidate application(s). Companies apply for membership as ALE International will use your information to evaluate the interest of membership in the Program and its technical feasibility.

Step 2: Evaluation by ALE International

A) ALE International will acknowledge your candidacy upon receipt of the completed registration form.

B) Evaluation criteria for all candidates:

  • The Program is open to companies that wish to develop products and services that are compatible with ALE International platforms and technologies (including certain OEM products), and which offer a value proposition that complements the ALE International portfolio.
  • In the opinion of ALE International, your application or product should be able to maximize joint market coverage and penetration, either directly or through Business Partners, and bring significant value to our joint end customers.

C) Evaluation criteria for Partners:

  • Partner status is open only to Registered Companies selected by ALE International.
  • Your company will have successfully completed the accreditation or certification process and is committed to maintaining that status.
  • Through a certified application, your business activity offers the prospect of generating recurrent joint revenue.
  • Your company either has regional coverage (for example EMEA or APAC) or a strong position in a given market.

ALE International will notify you of the results of the evaluation, and indicate whether your company is eligible for status as a Registered Company, Developer Partner, Application Partner or Solution Partner.

Step 3: Acceptance

Acceptance in the Program is conditional on the payment of applicable fees and completion of relevant tasks. See Program Requirements and Program fees

The membership fee covers participation in the Program for one year and includes access to standard benefits and services. Additional benefits and services may be ordered through the Program Catalog, according to member needs.

Membership status is conferred upon payment of the applicable fees (unless otherwise stated). Please note that participants who are invited to become Partners will initially be classified as Registered Companies; they will become Partners once their application has been awarded Certified Application status.

Step 4: Account activation

Membership account will be activated upon payment of the associated fee. One or more login(s) will be provided for the private area of the Application Partner Portal, providing access to the Program's benefits and services.


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