Communications Platform as-a-Service (or CPaaS) is changing the way companies communicate, develop new services, and interact with end-customers to deliver a true digital engagement.

CPaaS acts as a digital hub, enabling connections between everything you can imagine: People, objects, and applications making these components interact together and understand each other. It’s very relevant for organizations who need to interconnect everything in their business processes, reducing latency and improving decision-making process efficiency.

CPaaS, at the heart of the Digital Transformation

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Introduction to CPaaS - Connex Web Series | S1 | E9

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Patrick Watson - UC Today
Dominic Black - Senior Analyst at Cavell Group
Cliff Warder and Craig Walker - ALE International

CPaaS can help your company evolve

  • Improve employees’ efficiency: Adding persistent messaging options with phone, web call, video conferencing and more to their business applications – which can be used online, on smartphone, or on any connected device.
  • Adopt digital engagement with end-customers: From delivery status notifications and customer surveys to chatbot integration, the magic of CPaaS and cloud is that all contextual information about a customer can be synced effortlessly during calls or web interactions, allowing agents or bots to provide a more personal service based on the items in their shopping cart, the webpage they are visiting, or previous support tickets.
  • Benefit from automation by connecting Internet of Things (IoT) to your business: The IoT will keep companies informed about everything – from how customers are using products to when a piece of vital equipment needs replacing.

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Exclusief van Wainhouse Research

De bedrijfscommunicatiemarkt heeft zich in de loop der tijd aanzienlijk ontwikkeld, maar vooral gedurende de afgelopen 25 jaar. Welke kant gaat het nu op, en wat betekent dat voor uw communicatiestrategie?

Wainhouse Research volgt de bedrijfscommunicatiemarkt en houdt elk jaar contact met honderden leveranciers en serviceproviders, verzamelt branchegegevens, enquêteert eindgebruikers en IT-beleidsmakers, en publiceert allerlei marktprognoserapporten. 

Whitepaper over de sleutels tot een succesvolle overgang
Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow-platform voor uw CPaaS-projecten

Connex Web Series - Season 1 Episode 3

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Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise heeft Rainbow geïmplementeerd en geactiveerd. Rainbow is de hoeksteen voor het integreren van digitale communicatie in bedrijfsprocessen en applicaties van klanten.

Rainbow as a CPaaS biedt al toegang tot honderden gebruiksklare services, zoals instant messaging, groepschat, spraak- en videogesprekken, videoconferenties, bestandsopslag en nog veel meer… En onze technologie stelt u ook in staat om uw bestaande, on-premise PBX- en telefooninfrastructuur via API's te benutten om zowel digitale als telefonieresources te gebruiken.

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