Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise supports NTT Pro Cycling with powerful technologies to enable connectivity, collaboration and asset tracking

Who is NTT Pro Cycling?

Formerly Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka, NTT Pro Cycling team is a talented, energic and motivated crew of professional cycling riders using racing to change lives. This African-based team fights for goals bigger than themselves. In 2019, they offered the 100,000th bike to communities with few transportation options.

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How Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise helps NTT Pro Cycling achieve their goals?

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise solutions are supporting NTT Pro Cycling's success in three areas:

  1. Connectivity: Powerful inside and outside vehicle Wi-Fi coverage to allow live video streams, live analytics sharing among the team, media uploads, in race NTT Pro Cycling management applications and collaboration tools as Rainbow
  2. Asset tracking: Capability to track and retrieve assets in all team buildings, race environments and vehicles by using Chatbot on Rainbow. Chatbot allows NTT Pro Cycling to make inquiries and retrieve tagged objects (luggage, rain bags, and more)
  3. Smart collaboration: The Rainbow cloud platform allows collaboration, voice/video/chat, as well as group doc sharing and Chatbot to get quick answers with Rainbow UCaaS and CPaaS.
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NTT Pro Cycling page header NTT Pro Cycling leverages ALE Wi-Fi on the team’s cars

Thanks to always-on Wi-Fi capabilities from Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, NTT Pro Cycling stays connected, regardless of the environment 

NTT Pro Cycling page header Tour de France 2020

NTT ProCycling Team journey into Tour de France 2020

NTT Pro Cycling page header 3 wins in 24 hours

Max Welscheid, Ryan Gibbons and Ben O’Connor are NTT Pro Cycling Team performers at the moment as they win stages at different races in 24 hours.

NTT Pro Cycling page header Tour Down Under

Giacomo Nizzolo from NTT Pro Cycling wins stage 6 of Tour Down Under to start the season

NTT Pro Cycling page header Vuelta a Espana

Team dimension data for Qhubeka participates to the prestigious Vuelta a Espana with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise technology

NTT Pro Cycling page header Tour de France

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise customers and prospects attended stage 4 and 5 of Tour de France to discover the backstage of this amazing race

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