By building intelligence into your network fabric, you get true flexibility, more business agility, and your network's ready for anything.

What if it was faster and less painful to deploy and maintain your network? And what if your network could do some of that work for you? Imagine how agile businesses could become.

Having an intelligent fabric is all about simplifying operations in your network environment in order to achieve that.

Free yourself from stress caused by your network

What are the benefits of iFab?

  • Straightforward deployment: Unpack the boxes, mount it, connect, power up, done
  • Provisioning happens faster: Through centralized management, devices with common policies are grouped together for faster results
  • Cheaper operations: Reduce complexity through central management, automated moves/adds/changes, self-healing and device auto-recognition - with no need for IT involvement
  • Comprehensive visibility: See overlay applications and performance in real time with integrated Virtual Network Profile (vNP) and VxLAN overlay gateway support

Deploying and managing a network with iFab

iFab eliminates the need for manual configuration in your network. Just enter the locations of network equipment, access port details, interconnection distance and bandwidth. There's no need to add details such as Spanning Tree (STP), Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP), or Open Shortest Path First (OSPF). iFab simply recognizes the network protocols and automatically self-configures.

The fabric is autonomously created just by unpacking, mounting, connecting and powering up the systems. No manual setup process means a shorter time-to-production and reduces the chances of errors in the deployment process.

Intelligent Fabric technology gathers in-depth intelligence on the nature, volume and location of network traffic. Plus, you can use network configuration automation, policies and custom rules to optimize network performance and respond to activity across your network, in real time.

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