The new infrastructure has helped them to reduce costs and allows greater flexibility in their day-to-day operations.

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SMC Electric Supply (SMC) is a family-owned corporation headquartered in Springfield, Missouri, working from 14 locations across Missouri and Kansas. They deployed WiFi access points in all the locations and a VoIP phone system using a single server to connect all its offices. They can now receive calls from customers even when out of the office.

We now have all our locations running on one single system which has simplified things immensely for us. Our employees can do their job properly and customers are getting a better service.

Charles Givens, Applications Manager, SMC Electric


  • Each of SMC’s locations had its own separate phone system and used different service providers.
  • Since staff constantly needed to make calls between sites, the system was expensive and inefficient for day-to-day operations and maintenance.
  • SMC staff found it difficult to consistently answer customers’ incoming calls, especially when out of the office.
  • They needed phones they could carry around onsite, and a call forwarding system to avoid losing calls from potential revenue-generating customers.
  • Finally, warehouse staff required wireless phones and portable devices such as bar scanners to streamline processes and increase efficiency, making Wi-Fi a necessity. 

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