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What is CPaaS?

CPaaS stands for Communications Platform as a Service. CPaaS is a cloud technology that allows you to integrate real-time communications into your existing business applications without complex engineering. Whatever your business or size, CPaaS allows you to interact with your Customers their way.

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See what CPaaS can do for your business

CPaas API Hub

Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow CPaaS includes:

  • A real-time relationship machine connecting all your customer service  players:  prospects and customers - teams - external partners - different bots as well as business applications
  • A library of connectors to connect objects, processes, and applications to customize your customers’  interactions in providing relevant information
  • A cloud-based development platform and APIs for you  to integrate Rainbow capabilities  into your business  applications, CRM, website or mobile applications
  • An important community of developers

Learn more about our CPaaS development environment: Access the API Hub

Leading the Way with CPaaS
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Connect with your customers their way and make them happy!

  • Win your customers' trust by connecting all team/customer business interactions.
  • It's possible with Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow, our cloud communications platform as a service (CPaaS). 





Want to know how to make your customers happy?
What can CPaaS do for my industry?

CPaaS implementation is a critical consideration for any company. However, business priorities will drive the final decision. Organizations need to identify which problem they want to solve—whether it is digital engagement with a customer or enhancing operations in a company.

With Rainbow and its CPaaS platform, organizations can evolve their services as required to deliver a better customer experience, reduce decision-making lead times, and possibly increase revenue opportunities. And that’s true for any enterprise, whatever the industry.

Let's look at how different organizations from various industries are benefiting from CPaaS.

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Why Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow CPaaS?

Our approach is based on a hybrid cloud architecture, meaning you can easily connect your existing communication system to the cloud to minimize transformation costs. 

  • You keep and connect to the cloud your existing communications system for faster transformation
  • You adapt your current customer relationship strategy for the digital age
  • Your employees connect to your customers using their preferred way: office phone  -  mobile handset   -   smartphone   -   softphone

The Rainbow solution sheet



Improve workflows and business applications

Our communications platform as a service platform also helps streamline the work of your employees, thanks to real-time communications services such as text messaging, voice, video and conferencing services. These can be directly connected to your business processes and applications, which help make conversations relevant and professional, providing the right information at the right moment.

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Strengthen your proactive maintenance

Lastly, our solution will help you get the most out of your connected objects. Our platform makes it easy to collect data and distribute or consolidate for further analysis. Data is then sent to your employees for proactive maintenance, geolocation or personal security purposes.

Find out how Jeju, a leading resort complex, provides a differented guests experience with ALE Rainbow CPaaS.

Jeju Shinhwa World

Jeju Shinhwa World Customer Video

That's why Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise's CPaaS Rainbow helps you make a difference in a digital world, offering your services the way your customers want them.

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