Connect your guests and hotel staff, and you'll create a unique experience. The ALE technology powers immersive engagement for the hospitality industry.

  • To your guests, it means convenience: access to all amenities and services from their digital devices, your entertainment systems and in-room phones. An instant virtual concierge ready to assist them 24/7, no matter where they are.
  • To hotel staff, it means coordination of 'back of house' services that support operations, connecting staff with other staff or guests, instantly and automatically. Everything connects to a single intelligent network, where all devices are securely and automatically managed.
  • To management, it means agility, transformation and a growth pathway. It's the future of hospitality, and the experiences you create are leading the way.

Technology can help revive hospitality - video

Can hospitality and social distancing be reconciled with providing a superior guest experience?

Download the brochure to see how we can help you provide a superior guest experience while limiting face-to-face interactions with hotel staff.

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Hotels and events boost guest satisfaction with ALE
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