2019 is the 100 Year Anniversary of Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise. Learn about our rich history and discover our vision for the future.

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Celebrating the past, looking to the future; The people that make us
A great future is built on a strong history. We are fortunate to have been involved with some of the greatest inventors – and biggest innovations – of the past 100 years, starting from Aaron Weil, founder of Le Telephone Prive in 1919, renamed Telic in 1927, at a time when only a very small percentage of the French population had telephones. From beginnings such as this, ALE grew into the company it is today. We continue to follow a vision that future human welfare and progress is enabled by better connections. Our pioneering people and visionaries ensure ALE can connect you to future technologies. 
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The technology behind the people 

At ALE, we’ve spent 100 years innovating – and we’re not about to stop now. From the very first telephone, to the birth of networks and cloud technologies, ALE has always been a central part of the communication world. From Rainbow, our open architecture cloud-based collaboration platform, to the limitless possibilities of AI in the future – our technologies help businesses to make better, more personal connections – inside and out. We enable faster growth and greater agility across every sector. And through our expertise in the CPaaS and IoT network space, we give customers a platform on which to make the most of every cloud-based communications opportunity. It’s why 830,000 businesses around the world choose to work with us.

The culture and values that drive us 

It all starts with a vision and passion. ALE has always been passionate about connecting. From discovering and inventing new ways to communicate, to improving existing communication channels, ALE’s focus has always been in connecting people.  because it’s only by connecting people that solutions can be found. From what to have for dinner, to researching clean energy. 

Providing tailored solutions for each company to achieve their unique business goals; to connect everything and everyone - from small businesses right up to global corporations, so they can each make the world a better place. 

Our values of speed and agility, customer centricity and reliability reflect who we have been for the last 100 years and who we aspire to be for the next 100.

100 years is great, but 200 years is even better!

So, what is our strategy to support our customers and partners on this journey, every step of the way, for the next 100 Years?

  • Drive digital transformation
  • Enable IoT
  • The number of connected devices are exponentially growing across all industries and geographies as we move through the mobile and digital era. ALE provides the communications and network solutions to enable these devices to be connected in an intelligent way.
  • Deliver Everything as a Service with flexible models and new services
  • ALE helps businesses move to the cloud at their own pace with a range of flexible solutions and business models coupled with new services
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