Blickle and Scherer needed a cloud-based solution that would support collaboration while maintaining strict safety and data protection standards.

  • Country: Германия
  • Industry: правительство
  • Solution: Бизнес телефония, Облачные коммуникации, Rainbow, Унифицированные коммуникации

Blickle and Scherer provides reliable private mobile radio communications to public authorities, transport companies, energy suppliers, as well as renowned industrial enterprises and service providers. It has its headquarters in Karlsruhe and five additional locations in Southern Germany.

Rainbow означает значительное снижение нагрузки в повседневной жизни. Раньше коммуницирование между центрами ограничивалось телефонными звонками и отправкой документов по электронной почте. Сегодня команды мультицентров работают вместе над продажами или презентациями, используя сервисы для видеозвонков и мгновенного обмена сообщениями в дополнение к телефону.

Питер Санднер, координатор Rainbow, Blickle and Scherer


  • Blickle & Scherer wanted to provide employees with modern Unified Communications (UC) platform functions, such as presence information, instant messaging, image sharing, document sharing, and collaborative working on sales offers and presentations. The objective was to improve communications and collaboration between the company’s six sites.
  • Since Blickle & Scherer work primarily with public authorities responsible for public safety and emergency services, its employees must undergo strict security checks by the Ministry of the Interior of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg. For security reasons, and to comply with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the use of consumer instant messaging and VoIP services is prohibited. The company needed a solution that would support collaboration while maintaining these strict safety and data protection standards.
  • Lastly, the UC solution needed to be cloud-based as there was no staff available to support implementation onsite.

Products & Solutions





  • Through Blickle Leitstellen&Kommunikationstechnik, Blickle & Scherer supports Germany’s BOS Public Safety Digital Radio, a critical channel for maintaining communications between emergency services’ mission control centers, command vehicles and emergency personnel onsite. The solution helps that the emergency workers are available 24/7 and offers a notification system to inform and guide rescue forces.
  • The OXO Connect converged communication platform leverages analog and digital connectivity across sites to facilitate communications and productivity.
  • Cloud-based Rainbow delivers all desired UC collaboration functionalities, while maintaining the strictest GDPR-compliant standards of security and data protection.


  • Blickle & Scherer uses the free Rainbow Essential in combination with the licensed-based Rainbow Enterprise to generate savings while keeping all employees connected.
  • The monthly licensing OPEX model is cost effective for and avoids expensive CAPEX investments.

User Experience:

  • Rainbow is as simple to use as any consumer messaging app, helping staff adopt the technology and use collaborative functions to simplify teamwork.
  • Thanks to Rainbow, employees communicate more efficiently across sites, as well as when they travel or work from home. Blickle & Scherer is also looking to extend the use of Rainbow to communicate with its customers.
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