Cantabrian Health Service

This case study describes how Rainbow enables health professionals to conduct mobility and better services for patients with telehealth services.

  • Country: Spain
  • Industry: здравоохранение
  • Solution: Облачные коммуникации, Digital Age Communications, e-services, Подключаемые решения и устройства, Hybrid Workplace

The Cantabrian Health Service is part of the Spanish National Health System serving Cantabria (Spain). The agency is responsible for the public provision of the health services, both healthcare and preventive and rehabilitation. It serves a population of more than 580,000 inhabitants in an area of 5,329 km2.

In preparation of the 2020 global health crisis, Cantabrian Health Services investigated how technology could help maintain patient care with a focus on remote telehealth. Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow™ was the solution.

The videoconference teleconsultation system will serve 6000 health professionals - from hospitals, health centers and medical inspection - who can manage consultations efficiently and optimize delivery of patient care.
Santiago García Blanco, CIO Healthcare, Cantabria Autonomous Government, Spain




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