This hotel provides its guests with an innovative BYOD solution that allows them to use their very own mobile devices to make calls at no additional cost.

  • Country: United Arab Emirates
  • Industry: гостеприимство
  • Solution: Бизнес телефония

Emirates Palace, an ultra-luxurious 5-star hotel in Abu Dhabi, is part of the Kempinski hotel group.

Emirates Palace EN Customer Video

The prestige that comes with being able to offer a differentiating technology is important to us and something that will wow the guests when they come to the hotel.

Mehmet Akdeniz, Director of IT and AV



  • Guests the world over connect through hotel Wi-Fi, but have to revert to the hotel’s fixed lines to make calls and access hotel services.
  • The Emirates Palace wanted to provide its guests with an innovative BYOD solution that would allow them to use their mobile devices at no additional cost. 

Products & Solutions
  • Accessing the service with the wireless LAN means all internal hotel calls are free of charge, regardless of whether they made from a fixed phone or a guest device utilizing the SoftPhone.
  • Having the PBX directly on the public Wi-Fi was a security concern so a firewall was implemented to ensure the privacy of guest voice traffic while guaranteeing that the PBX is protected.
  • Centralized management via Web administration interface
    makes it easy for the IT team to manage the system.
  • The round-the-clock “one touch call” functionality enables guests to connect with hotel services, like concierge, spa or restaurant, at all hours of the day, driving revenue for Emirates Palace while improving guest experience.
  • Guests enjoy complete mobility across the large resort while remaining reachable and connected to hotel services.
  • They can register up to 3 devices per room and communicate with other guests at zero cost.
  • In addition, Mobile Guest Softphone users can use hotel telephony services to make outside calls with their own devices at local rates.
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