Tectum Group

Tectum Group implemented a flexible Cloud-based communications solution to support its strategic growth through acquisitions and enable quick onboarding of new sites.

  • Country: Belgium
  • Industry: Строительство и недвижимость
  • Solution: Облачные коммуникации

Business Partner: NTT

Tectum Group is an expert in roof, facade and balustrade construction. The group provides guidance throughout each project’s life cycle, from design to renovation. Headquartered in Genk, Belgium, Tectum Group has a total of 14 sites across Belgium and is growing quickly through strategic acquisitions. The family-owned group does business in the Benelux countries as well as Poland.

«Перенос наших коммуникаций в облако обеспечил гибкость и простоту, необходимые для консолидации и продолжения нашей амбициозной стратегии роста за счет слияний и поглощений».
Руди Эвенс (Rudy Evens), Генеральный директор, Tectum Group



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